Grinding / Milling Zirconia Alumina Ceramic Plate , Mullite Round Ceramic Plate

Basic Information
Place of Origin: YIXING, CHINA
Brand Name: FFTC
Certification: ISO9001:2008
Minimum Order Quantity: 1000pcs
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: carton and wooden crate
Delivery Time: 3 - 4 weeks
Payment Terms: MoneyGram, T/T
Supply Ability: 1000000/year
Other Name: Round Ceramic Plate Type: Ceramic Parts
Material: Alumina Ceramic Product Name: Alumina Ceramic Plate
Usage: Wear Resistance Working Temperature: 1400℃-1650℃
Bulk Density: 3.6-3.63g/cm3 Water Absorption: 0 %
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zirconia ceramic parts


zirconia zro2 ceramic

Round alumina ceramic grinding plate board pan milling al2o3 zirconia mullite ceramic grinding board


Product Description
Zirconia ZrO2 is an oxide ceramic of the supreme kind. And for good reasons, too. Its really exceptional properties open up a wide field of applications, for instance in medical technology. In the light of the purity required, zirconia is mainly recovered from zircon sand and other minerals containing zircon.
Zirconia ceramic has the advantages of super hardness, high wear-resisting,good corrosion resistance and electric insulation,resistant acid-base,high intensity,thermostable,high temperature tolerance,good insulation,high strength,precision process,high mechanical strength,good chemical stability.Good smoothness, mechanical seal good, polishing surface and so on.

Grinding / Milling Zirconia Alumina Ceramic Plate , Mullite Round Ceramic Plate 0


Grinding / Milling Zirconia Alumina Ceramic Plate , Mullite Round Ceramic Plate 1




1). Maximum use temperature up to 2400°C

2). High density

3). High bending strength and breaking tenacity

4). Low thermal conductivity( 20% that of alumina)

5). Chemical inertness

6). Resistance to molten metals

7). Ionic electrical conduction

8). Wear resistance

9). High fracture toughness

10). High hardness




Q: How long is the delivery time usually?

A: Product delivery is subject to order quantity and processing requirements, and different product delivery times are inconsistent. Generally speaking, the delivery time of 1-2 common product samples is about 35 days.

Q: Is it possible to provide samples?

A: We can supply 1-2 samples, but we do not bear the shipping cost of the samples.

Q: Which payment methods are supported?

A: T/T; credit card. Currently our company supports these two payment methods.

Q: What is the shipping date? How long can I ship?

A1: Shipped within 72 hours after the balance is settled
A2: After the production of the product is completed and passed the internal inspection of the company, we will send the finished product image to the customer for confirmation. After the balance is settled, all the products will be sent to the customer's designated delivery location.



Our Company

Yixing Feifan Ceramics Co.,Ltd.


Established in 2001,Yixing Feifan Ceramics Co.,Ltd. Have 120 employees and 8 senior technicans.
Our company is a comprehensive ceramics manufacturing enterprise. Our products include: alumina ceramics(80%/95%/97%/99%/99.5%/99.7%/99.8%),zirconia ceramic,cordierite ceramics,mullite ceramic,steatite ceramic, silicon carbide ceramic(SIC ceramic),silicon nitride ceramic(Si3N4 ceramic),etc. Our main category includes wearable ceramic,electrical ceramic,textile ceramic, heating ceramics,honeycomb ceramic,heat resisitant ceramic, insulating ceramic,corrosion-resistant ceramic,medical ceramic,etc.

Our products are widely used in mechanical ,electronics, chemical ,textile, aeronautic and other fields.(RoHS certification,ISO 9001 certification)

Grinding / Milling Zirconia Alumina Ceramic Plate , Mullite Round Ceramic Plate 2

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