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The production process of structural ceramics

October 13, 2020

The production process of structural ceramics


Material selection ←According to the customer's preparation, or according to the technical requirements of the customer's product, choose the ideal ceramic material for use. Generally, we will choose from qualified suppliers designated by our company.

Trial firing←Using existing similar-sized molds, pressure test, firing, and measurement of material shrinkage and quality.

Mold manufacturing ←According to the material shrinkage of trial firing, the mold structure and size are designed considering the fine grinding machining allowance. Handed over to the mold factory professional manufacturing.

Molding←Select the molding process according to the product structure and specific requirements. Hot die casting-special-shaped parts, dry pressing-flat plate, isostatic pressing-tube/rod.

Repair blanks, inspection 1←The repair blanks include hot-die-casting inlets, chamfering of flat plates, and isostatically pressed formed car blanks. Inspect the size and defective products to ensure the quality of the products entering the firing furnace and increase the rate of good products out of the furnace.

Firing←Different materials, products of different sizes, firing process and temperature profile are not exactly the same. It depends on the situation.

Inspection 2← mainly refers to the red absorption inspection, which removes cracks or deformations that are too large to be finely ground and ensures the quality of products entering the fine processing workshop. Eliminate useless work and improve grinding efficiency.

Grinding ← The company’s existing equipment: surface grinding (grinding flat plates), cylindrical grinding (pipe fittings, rods), centerless grinding (rods), internal grinding (pipe inner holes), double-sided grinding (two-plane parallelism and Roughness), CNC and parallel grinding (inner hole precision and polishing).

Washing and drying ← Wash away the pollution during product processing.

Dimension inspection 3 ← three-coordinate measuring instrument, vernier caliper, spiral micrometer.

Appearance inspection ← Defects of edges and sharp corners, and inspection of cracks during processing.

Packing ← Packing works, choose suitable methods and materials, pack reasonably, and ensure delivery.

Warehousing ← Warehousing and filing, pending delivery.

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