High Wear Proof Silicon Nitride Ceramic Zirconia , Casting Refractory Tube

Basic Information
Place of Origin: YIXING, CHINA
Brand Name: FFTC
Certification: ISO9001:2008
Minimum Order Quantity: 500pcs
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: carton and wooden crate
Delivery Time: 3 - 4 weeks
Payment Terms: MoneyGram, T/T
Supply Ability: 1000000/year
Color: White Advantage: Stable
Name: Ceramic Ring Shape: Irregular
Feature: Insulation Package: Wooden Box
Material: Alumina Ceramic, 95 Alumina Type: Ceramic Raw Materials
High Light:

ceramic heating rod


silicon nitride substrate

Refractory Casting High Wear Resistance Black Silicon Nitride Zirconia Ceramic Tube c610 c799 Alumina Ceramic


Product Description


Feature High Wear Resistance Zirconia Ceramic Tube/high Pressure Ceramic Pipe
Color White
Material Alumina ceramic
Size Customized
Brand Name Feifan ceramic
Certification ISO9001, SGS, ROHS
Used Industry


Bulk density Kg/m3 3.2×103
Water absorption % 0
Mechanical properties Vickers hardness load 500g (GPa) 13.9
  Flexural strength MPa 610
  Compressive strength MPa 3820
  Young's modulus of elasticity GPa 290
  Poisson's ratio - 0.28
  Fracture toughness MPa√m 5
Thermal characteristics Linear thermal expansion coefficient 40-400℃ ×10-16/℃ 2.6
    40-800℃   3.2
  Thermal conductivity W/(m·K) 20
  Specific heat J/(kg·K) 0.66×103
  Thermal shock resistance(Put into the water) 550
Electrical characteristics Dielectric strength V/m 10×106
  Volume resistivity 20℃ Ω·cm >1014
    300℃   1012
    500℃   1010
  Dielectric constant (1MHz) - -
  Dielectric loss angle (1MHz) (×10-4) -
  Loss factor (×10-4) -
Chemical properties Nitric acid (60%) 90℃

WT Loss


  sulfuric acid (95%) 95℃   0.40
  Sodium hydroxide (30%) 80℃   0.36




Silicon nitride ceramic is a kind of superhard material, which has lubricity and wear resistance. It does not react with other inorganic acids except hydrofluoric acid (reaction equation: Si3N4+4HF+9H2O=====3H2SiO3 ( Precipitation) +4NH4F), strong anti-corrosion ability, anti-oxidation at high temperature. Moreover, it can withstand cold and hot shock, and is heated to above 1 000℃ in air, and is rapidly cooled and heated rapidly without breaking. Because of the excellent characteristics of silicon nitride ceramics, it is often used to manufacture mechanical components such as bearings, gas turbine blades, mechanical seal rings, and permanent molds. If a silicon nitride ceramic that is resistant to high temperatures and does not easily transfer heat is used to manufacture the heating surface of the engine component, not only the quality of the diesel engine can be improved, fuel is saved, but also thermal efficiency can be improved. The silicon nitride ceramic can be used as a gas turbine combustion chamber, a silicon nitride mechanical seal ring (silicon nitride ring), an electromagnetic pump pipe (silicon nitride tube) for conveying aluminum liquid, a valve, a permanent mold, a molten steel separation ring, and the like. Si3N4 ceramic is a covalent bond compound. The basic concatenation is located in the tetrahedron. The four vertices are [SiN4] tetrahedrons. The silicon atoms are located in the center of the tetrahedron. There are four nitrogen atoms around them, and then Each of the three tetrahedrons shares the form of one atom, forming a continuous and robust network structure in three dimensions. Many of the properties of silicon nitride are attributed to this structure. Pure Si3N4 is 3119, with both α and β crystal structures, all of which are hexagonal crystals. The decomposition temperature is 1800℃in air and 1850℃ in 011 MPa nitrogen. Si3N4 has a low thermal expansion coefficient and a high thermal conductivity, so its thermal shock resistance is excellent. The hot-pressed sintered silicon nitride is heated to l000℃ and then put into cold water without cracking. At less high temperatures, Si3N4 has higher strength and impact resistance, but it will break with the increase of use time above 1200℃, which will reduce the strength and fatigue damage at 1450℃, so Si3N4 The use temperature generally does not exceed 1300 ° C. Due to the low theoretical density of Si3N4, it is much lighter than steel and engineering superalloy steel. Therefore, it is suitable to replace the alloy steel with Si3N4 ceramic in places where high strength, low density and high temperature resistance are required It is.



Packing & Delivery


High Wear Proof Silicon Nitride Ceramic Zirconia , Casting Refractory Tube 0




Q: Is it possible to provide samples?

A: We can supply 1-2 samples, but we do not bear the shipping cost of the samples.

Q: How long is the delivery time usually?

A: Product delivery is subject to order quantity and processing requirements, and different product delivery times are inconsistent. Generally speaking, the delivery time of 1-2 common product samples is about 35 days.

Q: Which payment methods are supported?

A: T/T; credit card. Currently our company supports these two payment methods.

Q: What is the shipping date? How long can I ship?

A1: Shipped within 72 hours after the balance is settled
A2: After the production of the product is completed and passed the internal inspection of the company, we will send the finished product image to the customer for confirmation. After the balance is settled, all the products will be sent to the customer's designated delivery location.

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